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Company Business
Sea-rail combined transport

        At present, the Company mainly deals with Shuozhou, Antang, Baotou West, Li Jiaping, Datong and Baotou East Railway Station in Shanxi Province. Inner Mongolia’s Wuhai, Erdos New Street, Hohhot South Railway Station, Jinfengyuan, Gongjiban, Haye Hutong, Sarazzi, Xinjiang’s Sangezhuang and other stations to the container sea-railway combined transportation trains of Jingtang Train lines; container yards had been built successively in Shuozhou, Wuhai, Hohhot, Sarazzi, Urumqi, etc. to provide customers with sea-railway combined transportation and container unpacking services at railway stations.



To carry out the container transit sea-railway combined transportation business from South Korea, Japan to Jingtang Port, and then leave from Erenhot to Mongolia.


Transit Route:From South Korea / Japan to Jingtang Port by sea, after unloading the ship and loading on the train, to Ulaanbaatar/Taolagaitu Erdenet Zamyn-Uud in Mongolia via Erenhot.

Transit Time:The ship will declare customs in Jingtang Port for 2 days, wait for the train for 3 days, and the train from Jingtang to Erenhot will run for 5-7 days, taking a total of 10-12 days.

Transit Cargo Kinds:daily necessities, diapers and other daily necessities, as well as used cars, spare parts for equipment, used tires, kitchen supplies, auto parts and so on.


To carry out the “Tangshan-Xinjiang-Europe” China-Europe trains business, which is from Jingtang to Xinjiang, and then to Antwerp.